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      "Our family (including Maisie, of course) drove by your farm today on the way home from Five Acre Farm. We saw Delight, Cosmo, and Jazzmin outside, and we decided to write a quick update. Maisie is fantastic, and is growing like mad - we just love her, and can't imagine not having her with us! She's doing well in puppy kindergarten, and we're planning to have a play date with her brother, Gus (Pattison), soon. We got home from Cape Cod yesterday. Maisie rode in the car like a pro, and really enjoyed the beach. She spent a lot of time "saving" the kids from the giant waves at Coast Guard Beach - the poor dog was exhausted, and couldn't figure out why they kept running toward danger! She was much happier when they got out of the water and helped her to dig a giant hole in the sand. We hope that all is well with you. Thanks again to your sweet family for giving Maisie such a loving start."

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