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     Welcome to the Miller Farm world. We own a small organic dairy farm nestled along the Connecticut River in southeast Vermont where we raise some of the finest kids, cattle and canines you will ever find. Miller Farm, now being operated by its fourth generation of Millers, is far from being just another business. We enjoy a well-deserved reputation for honesty, hard work and service to God and man. We are determined to hold on to these core values - come what may.


     Our farm has always taken great pride in the breeding and selection of our herd of registered Holsteins - incidentally one of the oldest in the world. So it should come as no surprise that we have tried to emphasize the same degree of care in choosing the bloodlines for our Golden Retrievers. High on our priority list have been longevity, health, and good temperament with an eye towards maintaining the breed's standard.


     When we started raising the first of our four children, we were looking for a furry family friend that would fit in with our way of life, a quality all-around dog that would be outgoing and amiable to the many people who frequent our farm and one that would coexist harmoniously with our menagerie of animals. Most importantly, we wanted the affection and loyalty of a constant companion as we go about our daily routine. Ever since they have been the perfect fit in every way for our family and farm.


     Over time we fell in love with the English-type goldens. They tend to be lighter colored with beautiful headsets, generous boned, and have lovely coats. We have admired the qualities of the golden and wish to duplicate them and share them with you. Our farm is a family business and the dogs are a part of our family. They are well socialized with the kids, other animals, and various activities. We like to believe that dogs are a product of their environment, and they reflect their families' values. We hope our puppies will bring as much fulfillment to your family as our dogs have to ours!


Below are some images that capture a day in the life of our puppies.

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