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Dear Judy and the Miller Family,


     I've wanted to write to you since I got Ziggy home but I decided to wait a month to report in. Ziggy is a very happy puppy. I love him so much. He loves to play with toys, and to be outside (even in bad weather), he digs holes, and rolls around in the grass. He's very curious and sometimes he's just a riot to watch. He is starting to be very vocal and he likes to bite everything. He has grown so big already. Tomorrow he is going to the vet. I have posted pictures of him on facebook, and everybody comments on how cute he is. He loves people, and everyone that comes to the house falls in love with him. He is almost big enough to start getting onto furniture. He thinks he can climb stairs but he wipes out on the way down (I only let him go a couple). So he is very healthy and lovable. I am giving your information to a girl I went to school with who is a wonderful person and wants a Ziggy.

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