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Hi Judy,

     Wanted to give you an update on our beautiful little lady pup.  We've named her Tallulah, more often calling her Tula, Lula, Talluly, or Princess PuppyPants.  She has brought nothing but joy and laughter to the family and I'm proud to report that she is completely housebroken, knows how to sit, lie down, give paw, walk on the leash....and we're working on the concept of 'come' but she's doing well with that one too (as long as there are no butterflies around to distract her).  She's been to the ocean and loved digging in the sand.  She also really likes rearranging on the shoes in the mudroom and lying amongst them.

     We are completely smitten with her and she has the most wonderful temperment.  Our vet said to tell you that you did a wonderful job and that she is absolutely perfect.

     I've attached some pictures so you can see just how adorable she's becoming.  Thank you again and I'll continue to be in touch.

All the best,

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