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     I haven't sent you an update on Brodie in a while.  Brodie is doing great and weighs almost 40 pounds.  He is in a beginner class for training and is doing well, he wants to please and tries hard to catch on.  We're having just a bit of trouble with loose leash walking, typical pup he is curious about things.  He is everything anyone could hope for in a new puppy and more.  I probably shouldn't say this because I'll jinx myself, but he has not destroyed anything in our home.  He chews only on his chew toys and doesn't even tear the stuffed toys apart.  Brodie loves everyone and plays well with all other dogs he meets.  He is an awesome rider, but I think I've already told you that .  We've brought him into the camper a few times when we've been in it to check things and I can't wait to take our first camping trip with him.  In another month or so we're going to introduce him to swimming at the therapy place we took our last Golden.  We thought it might be good to start him and we've talked about possibly taking him on and off for core strengthening, we'll see.  I've attached a current picture of him.  

Hope all is well with you and your family.




     Our vet said he's gorgeous and obviously came from a good breeder.  He likes that the kids were around the pups which gave them early socialization.  I'm home today and Brodie has been snuggled in my lap.  He is very confident and likes to explore and play, but then he comes to us and just wants to snuggle.  He is perfect in every way and I thank you for letting us have him.  I'll send some more recent pics of him later today.  Stay warm.  By the way, he's been house trained for a couple of weeks now.  Hope I don't jinx myself by saying that.  You must have started with the pups because he learned very fast.




    Holidays are over and I thought I would let you know how Brodie is doing. Brodie is 20.8 lbs today and graduated from KPT last Monday.  We have started another class with a different trainer and I think her style might fit us better.  Brodie is learning quickly and knows sit, stand, down, stay, and alerts us when he needs to go out by barking at the door to the backyard.  He also does very well in the house on recall and most times in the yard. We recently took him to an RV show and he turned heads everywhere we went.  Everyone we met was quite impressed at how well behaved he was for his age.


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