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Hi Judy,


     The weeks have flown by and I just wanted to give you an update!  


     Well, the name "Rosie" lasted all of about 24 hours, and we just didn't feel it was right. So, we decided on "Sunshine" which was another name we had tossed around. It's perfect! She is so beautiful and cute. An absolutely sweet disposition and so bright!  The only funny thing is that she loves the cool air as she lies in front of any a/c vent or fan she can find!  One of our cats has completely befriended her. Nose to nose, lying down together and romping in the yard-it's so cute!


     Hope you and your family are well.



Hi Judy,


     So great to hear from you! I can't tell you how much we adore our Sunshine. She is the most loving, sweet and wonderful dog. She has such a calm demeanor - I can bring her anywhere. She is non confrontational - she is never an aggressor. I always think it's so wonderful that she will be submissive to a small yappy dog which immediately diffuses any situation. She and our cat adore each other. She is so gentle and they are good company for each other!  


     Anyway, I can't say enough about her! She loves to swim and loves the snow. I am pleased you are still breeding beautiful Goldens!


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