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We have puppies!

Dear MillerGoldens Family,

Finally! The long awaited puppies have arrived at our home! All 12 (6 boys, 6 girls!) are healthy, happy, and growing! Couldn’t be a more perfect litter! They were born on Mother’s Day, May 10, making Ginger a mother for the first time. This is also a first for their father Kipper, who also is a part of our family.

We are planning an open house meet and greet June 14 if COVID policies allow. TBD. Puppies will be ready to go to their new forever homes the week of July 4th!

As you know there are always a number of factors to consider when breeding dogs. Some that have always been important to me are health, longevity, temperament and beauty. As a breeder I have tried to factor all of these into my selection of breeding stock. In doing Ginger's clearances, she had one hip that had a spot of arthritis on it. However, I felt that her other qualities such as her loyalty, beauty, and gentleness more than compensate. Kipper's clearances are fine and you will find his love for people and life contagious!

If you wish to reserve a puppy from this litter please fill out the puppy sales contract and mail it to me along with a $500 deposit. Checks should be made out to Judy Miller. The cost of a puppy is $2000. I look forward to working with you to find you the perfect match!

J.Miller MillerGoldens

PS: to stay updated on the puppies growth you can follow us on our Instagram page: @miller_goldens


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